Strategy for Construction Bid success

Bid / No Bid

Bidding for contracts that you have little or no chance of winning is time consuming, costly and detracts focus and effort away from your best opportunities.

We assist you to put maximum effort into your best opportunities by identifying which bids will be a good fit for your business, coupled with your capability to deliver on the promises you make.


Your Win Strategy

When it comes to Construction Bid Management, a clear, focused win strategy is essential.

It aligns project requirements and client drivers with your expertise, experience and added value to maximise your chance of success.

It provides the vision, purpose and structure required to win bids.

Our Win Strategy events take your team through the process of building a successful value proposition to create a win strategy.

Working with your team we design and map your win strategy at the outset (or even before the tender lands) based on:

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Project and client intelligence
  • Evaluation of your experience and that of likely competitors



Our Innovation events promote new ideas and approaches to key challenges. We inspire your bid team to use their experience and stimulate their creative skills to challenge the norm and develop the best solutions for the project.