Stradia Contractual Advice

Manage risk, avoid problems and resolve disputes

Every form of construction contract provides crucial governance and procedure by:

  • Defining the commercial arrangement
  • Setting out obligations
  • Allocating risk
  • Specifying responsibilities and procedures

The terms and procedures differ between forms of contract, therefore a clear and thorough understanding of the contract applicable to your project is essential for effective risk management, avoidance of typical pitfalls, fulfilment of contractual obligations, correct valuation, effective cost management and also to get the best out of the contractual relationship.


Construction contract specialists

Our construction contract specialists have decades of practical contract experience enabling them to provide detailed training and advice on the following forms of contract. Our team also includes a qualified construction lawyer.

  • NEC3
  • NEC4
  • JCT
  • TPC
  • PPC
  • PSPC
  • ICE

How we can help

We have created a suite of tried and tested Trackers and Pro-formas for NEC3, NEC4 and the short contracts which incorporate the supporting procedures needed to successfully manage an NEC contract in an easy-to-use format.
Benefits include:

  • Being easy-to-use
  • Cost effective: singe purchase price (no licence) and much more affordable than software currently on the market
  • No IT support needed
  • Ensures compliance with contractual obligations (e.g. Early Warning, Compensation Events, communication etc)
  • Promotes collaboration

Key features:

  • Full tracker highlighting when actions are due or overdue and full summary
  • Tailored to your organisation/project
  • Supporting guidance notes
  • Can be used for the Employer/Contractor relationship and the Contractor/Subcontractor relationship

Learn how to:

  • Minimise risk; avoid pitfalls; understand your contractual rights and obligations; ensure cost is managed and valued correctly; get the best out of the contractual relationship
  • Ensure that all team members know exactly what is expected of them (clear roles and responsibilities)

This often complex decision is central to project success:

  • We work with you to understand your commercial aims before providing appropriate advice and support on the form of contract that best fits your chosen commercial strategy

All team members need to know what is expected of them and are able to deliver better results when the administrative processes are clear and easy to use:

  • We assist you to develop a suite of clear, easy-to-use processes to manage cost and risk effectively (without the burdensome administration that is often created), followed by team training if required


We are experienced in drafting legal contracts:

  • Amending existing forms of contract to reflect your requirements or drafting bespoke contracts where required, including Framework Agreements
  • Where both parties agree that they want to amend certain terms within a current contract we are experienced in drafting a contractually acceptable and legally binding Deed of Variation

Where problems or disputes have already arisen, we can assist you to resolve them swiftly and effectively, whilst working to protect or improve the business relationships between the parties wherever possible.

If you are facing a claim situation either as an Employer or as a Contractor we are experienced in:

  • Claims preparation, analysis or defence
  • Negotiation
  • Adjudication

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