Stradia Performance Improvement

Performance matters

Outstanding performance requires clear objectives, focus, commitment, excellent teamwork, consistent motivation, easy-to-use processes, plus clear performance measures to monitor and manage progress.

The drive for performance improvement in construction is continuous. Quantifiable results matter.

We are experienced in working with teams to challenge and improve performance. We identify any sticking points and work to resolve any issues quickly (commercial, administrative or behavioural), refocus the team and provide renewed energy and enthusiasm to deliver at the highest levels.

Following our work together, each team has a clear plan of what they want to achieve and how they will achieve it.


How we can help

Our performance reviews provide team members with the opportunity to stand back and review performance honestly and without blame. They can be challenging, but invariably improve relationships and performance:

  • Our confidential one-to-one sessions encourage team members to get frustrations out in the open
  • We recognise team successes and identify opportunities for improvement
  • We agree clear action plans to resolve any problems and dramatically improve performance

We work with teams to develop strategy which creates significant improvements in business performance and/or project delivery.

We work with teams to develop easy-to-use commercial and administrative processes which help, rather than hinder excellent performance.

Removing burdensome processes improves motivation, productivity and reduces costs.

We work with teams to re-energise and motivate them to work enthusiastically towards team goals, ensuring that roles and responsibilities are clear and everyone knows exactly what is expected of them.

We work closely with individuals or leadership teams (for example, core teams), coaching and supporting them to provide the energetic, focused leadership that their teams require.

We work with teams to design and implement effective performance management systems with clear targets, performance measures and a monitoring regime that promotes performance improvement and demonstrates results.