Stradia Open Book Cost Management – driving cost efficiency

Improve performance and value for money

Open Book Cost Management has been proven to deliver cost savings, build business relationships, improve understanding of actual costs and create real opportunities to improve value for money.

But these benefits can only be realised when there is a deep understanding of the process and behaviours necessary to make it work well.


Recognised market leaders in Open Book Cost Management

Nigel Barr, our Managing Director, is a highly experienced practitioner and a widely acknowledged authority on Open Book Contract Management.

He is author of Open Book Accounting: How to deliver and demonstrate value for money in the public sector: 2013 (published by CIPFA).

Nigel also delivers open book seminars nationally and internationally, through CIPFA, CIPS, the RICS, Thomas Telford (ICE) and for Stradia’s own clients.

He created and delivers (through CIPFA) the only accredited course available for Open Book Contract Management.


Together with the Stradia team, Nigel is committed to helping clients achieve cost savings and improve performance, whilst avoiding common pitfalls.

We have a proven track record of:

  • Creating efficient processes that do not become an administrative burden
  • Achieving cost savings and value for money
  • Establishing protocols to present cost information on time in an easy-to-use format
  • Ensuring that the team clearly understands the process, resulting in good commercial decision-making and robust cost control


Driving improved performance

Our experienced consultants provide clear guidance, advice and support to ensure that your Target Cost arrangement is straightforward to administer and delivers your objectives.

How we can help

  • We work closely with your team to design and implement a clear process to fit your project; including providing training and support

Our highly experienced consultants conduct independent reviews/audits that make a difference:

  • Verification of costs (demonstrating accuracy to Internal Auditors and Inspectors, providing trust and confidence in the process)
  • Identification of any problem areas and opportunities for improvement
  • If required we follow up with training and support to resolve problems and make improvements

Our trainers provide project teams and individuals with informative and engaging training:

  • We offer the only accredited open book qualification in the country (CIPFA), designed to get teams/individuals fully up to speed and able to implement a Target Cost contract and Open Book process – avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes
  • In-house training focused on the specific needs of your team and contract
  • Joint training of the Client/Contractor team to develop a common understanding and build relationships

  • Improve your ability to win work let under Target Cost contracts and ensure your ability to deliver

Case Study:

North Yorkshire County Council

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