Stradia Commercial Management

Robust cost management is critical for project success

Our highly experienced consultants bring together a unique set of skills (quantity surveying, construction contract law and accountancy) providing them with the tools needed for an insightful and balanced approach to commercial management on any project.

Robust cost management results in strong working relationships, well-informed decision-making, completion within budget and value for money, all of which contribute to successful project delivery.


The best outcome for your project

We focus on providing the best possible outcome for your project by:

  • Assisting project teams to set up robust commercial management processes
  • Providing audit and analysis of existing commercial arrangements at any contract stage, followed by support and guidance to implement improvements if required

How we can help

Choice of commercial arrangement is critical to project success.

For example, a well implemented Target Cost arrangement has the potential to achieve efficiency savings, but may require more administration.

Lump sum contracts require less administration, but will not deliver efficiency savings.

We work closely with your team to ensure that we understand your commercial aims before providing appropriate advice and support on:

  • Choice of commercial strategy
  • The best form of contract to fit your chosen commercial strategy
  • How to:
    • Limit your exposure to risk
    • Develop a suite of clear, straightforward processes that are easy to use and manage cost and risk effectively
    • Ensure that all team members know exactly what is expected of them (clear roles and responsibilities)
    • Value compensation events/variations correctly so that Contractors receive their entitlement and Employers don’t pay any more than they are contractually obliged to pay

Our independent reviews/audits make a difference:

  • Verification of costs to demonstrate accuracy (or otherwise!)
  • Comparison to demonstrate whether value for money is being achieved, including benchmarking against similar contracts delivered by others
  • Analysis of whether:
    • Value engineering is being used appropriately
    • The correct valuation principles are being applied
    • Instructions are being properly documented and confirmed
  • Identification of any problem areas and opportunities for improvement
  • If required we follow up with training and support to resolve problems and make improvements

Where problems or disputes have already arisen, we combine our contractual, commercial and facilitation expertise to resolve them swiftly and cost effectively and, wherever possible, protect or improve business relationships between the parties.

We combine our contractual, commercial and facilitation expertise to promote a collaborative approach to removal of blockages that are preventing settlement of Final Accounts.

We balance the needs of the Employer and the Contractor in relation to contractual entitlement to assist swift settlement, avoiding a lengthy, drawn out and costly process.

We can also assist with quantum.